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Based in Wolverhampton, we are dedicated web development team with expert digital marketing skills. We are here to provide you quality website design services and SEO services. Whether you are in need of a brand new website with bespoke design or in need of redesigning your website, we provide you not only with the best website but with a result oriented design and promotional services in Wolverhampton.

If you have already a website and you just need support or need to add or fix then you can contact us in Wolverhampton office or you can call our website design Wolverhampton phone no 0777 665 7106.

  • In 2014, 38 million adults (76%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, 21 million more than in 2006, when directly comparable records began.
  • Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24% to 58%.
  • In 2014, 74% of all adults bought goods or services online, up from 53% in 2008. Clothes (49%) were the most popular online purchase in 2014.
  • Of all adults in Great Britain, 67% are aware of Internet storage space services, but the take up of these services to store data is much lower at 35%.
  • In Great Britain, 22 million households (84%) had Internet access in 2014, up from 57% in 2006.
  • Fixed broadband Internet connections were used by 91% of households.

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Statistical bulletin: Internet Access ? Households and Individuals 2014

The above stats tell the story!!!






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